Nowhere People?

"Are you who you say you are?" asked my bank. "Prove it."

"How?" I asked, explaining that the only join between my inner and outer self is my own consciousness and that proof of one is not necessarily proof of the other. "Surely you are not going to take my passport as proof that there is a thinking something inside this body?"

We don't know as much about ourselves as we think and that poses some problems. How can we know anything at all if we don't know who or what is doing the knowing? How can science investigate the universe before it calibrates this biological machine of knowing, which is a human being? Materialists get around the problem by saying that the self - "you" – doesn't exist. You are just so many atoms. Don't you believe them. Next time someone asks you to identify yourself, give them a complete answer.

Who On Earth Are You? (Findhorn Press, 2013).

Nick Inman