Seminars for Higher Education

Informing Tourists

We need to preserve the analogue skills of professional print and not rely entirely on free information supplied through screens. I teach students to present information in suitable ways for various clientele from prioritising sights to creating maps that work.

From Tourismphobia to Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is beauty and the beast. It can educate; it can foster empathy and solidarity; but it can simultaneously destroy communities and exploit people and the earth. Tourism is treated as if it were a human right but it is an unneccesary activity. There are 1.5 billion tourists on the move each year, out of a global population of 7.6 billion, creating 10% of global GDP. If we are going to live by visiting each other, we need to learn to manage our behaviour.

Ten Steps to Better Communication in English

Most students learn English in a formal way. I begin by differentiating between the written and spoken languages (they are two different things). I then explain that there are no rules and there are many Englishes. Then we concentrate on pronunication (especially stress) to achieve greater fluency without hard work.



Mainly for business students but suitable for anyone. We all nead the skills of leadership if only to know and lead ourselves so that we can guide others. Leadership is about being aware of everything that is going on; considering the needs of others; making decisions; assessing risks and above all of taking responsibilty for everything you do.

Nick Inman