Paperback, 320pp 
b&w line drawings

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Illustrated by
Nick Inman

Published 2007

ISBN: 978-2-9530469-09

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A love story set in a loopy New Age centre 
in the South of France

It’s the summer of 1985 and Carmela, who grew up in Franco’s Spain, is an emotional wreck who fights the world with her anger and her depression with Valencian paella.

When she takes a summer job as a cleaner in a New Age centre next to a Cathar chateau in the French countryside, she finds herself surrounded by eccentric characters including the aristocratic chateau-owner at war with her lesbian step-daughter, a third-sex person, a whirling half-naked man, raw meat eaters and a pining medieval spirit.

Mop in hand, Carmela treats them all with waspish cynicism and intuitive distrust until the arrival of a taut-buttocked, English vegetarian chef challenges her prejudices. Her past love affairs come back to haunt her and she is forced to choose between her old certainties and the apparently unthinkable alternative of forgetting and forgiving.