Born in Harrogate (Yorkshire, UK) 1956. Graduated from Bristol University with at BSc (Politics) 1978. After travelling overland through pre-war Afghanistan to India, running a fringe arts festival and living for nine months at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland (where I published my first book, Canoeing Through Life ) I moved to Spain in 1985. There I worked as a teacher until I eventually broke into journalism and became a regular contributor to Lookout; correspondent for Reporting Europe and Windpower Monthly; deputy editor of Costa Blanca News; and contributing editor of Charming Small Hotels Guide Spain.

Returning to London in 1993, I was appointed assistant editor of Playdays magazine and soon after senior editor for the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness series, producing illustrated guide books.

In 2002 I relocated to southwest France with my family. Here, I continue to work as a writer. I also lecture at EUTI – Toulouse University.

The bulk of my current work is to do with travel although I also write about politics.

Nick Inman