Nick Inman

Putting it in words

Drama and Fiction


Sucker is the story of an arrogant man, a government minister who believes he has it in the bag. All he has to do to advance his career is get reselected by his party association tommorow – but that is a formality, a foregone conclusion for a man of his virtuous reputation. Tonight he can relax by seducing his secretary in the swanky hotel where he is staying. There is just one variable he hasn't accounted for. It's millimetres long and airborne. He has forgotten to shut the window.

Sucker was originally written for BBC Radio 4 but didn't make it on air because a politician having illicit sex was deemed unsuitable for the audiences of the time.


It was shortlisted for the London Writers Competition and the London Playwrights' Festival; and received its premiere as as stage version (in French) on 11 February 2005.

It is anachronistic, of course. We no longer have politicians who think they can get away with anything
just because of
who they are. Get
the point?